The basis for Bac-Shield is a remarkably versatile, naturally occurring biopolymer, called chitin. It is found in the exoskeletons of squid and in the shells of many ocean-dwelling crustaceans including shrimp and crabs.

Chitin is extracted from these shells and modified to form chitosan, an even more versatile and functional polymer very similar to cellulose. Below are just a few of the many diverse products in which chitosan is being used today:

  • Dietary supplements….as a fat blocker
  • Military medical bandages….as a blood coagulant
  • Water purification
  • Cosmetics and shampoos

Among the many desirable characteristics of chitosan are anti-microbial properties. Articles and surfaces treated with Bac-Shield incorporate these anti-microbial properties to provide safe and effective protection against harmful molds, mildew, fungi and odor-causing bacteria.

Many anti-microbial products present the user with a choice between effectiveness (high toxicity) and safety. Some are very effective “killers”, but are very toxic and pose significant risks both to the user and the environment. These products are usually very restricted in their uses and with good reason.

Others are relatively safe to use, but are ineffective or have no lasting effect. Some are heavy metals and accumulate in the waste stream, resulting in detrimental imbalances in the environment. One of the most prevalent chemistries used in some of these products has recently been found in women’s breast milk and in water supplies.

Bac-Shield offers the best of both worlds, an effective, biodegradable product with a long history and no reported negative effects. While there are more toxic “killers” on the market, none offer the combination of effectiveness and safety that Bac-Shield offers. Consider these Bac-Shield facts:

  • Biodegradable, environmentally responsible – no harsh chemicals or heavy metals
  • Derived from a renewable natural resource which was formerly waste
  • Hypo-allergenic – will not trigger allergic shell fish reactions – the proteins (which cause these reactions) have been removed
  • Active ingredient has a long history of safe, effective applications
  • EPA registered as Toxicity Category 3
  • Approved for many applications, both inside and outside the home – can be used on carpet, textiles, upholstery – even laundry!
  • The US Marine Corp has approved Bac-Shield for use on men and women – underclothing.

Compare these properties to those of any mold preventative you may be considering before you decide which product with which you and your family want to live.

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