Mold Solutions, Inc. has Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators and Certified Biocide Applicators on staff. Several technicians are also certified with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as WRT (Water Restoration Technician). We realize the need to help our customers discover the sources of water intrusion and also to map the result for diagnostic purposes.

While these trained professionals are ready to assist our customer base within their respective disciplines, their training is primarily aimed at helping people and businesses treat mold problems in the least expensive manner, understanding that the customer is not only concerned with fixing the problem but preventing recurrence.

Mold Solutions, Inc. has taken traditional mold remediation to the next level in developing and introducing Bac-Shield as an integral part of our mold remediation protocols. Not only does Mold Solutions, Inc. effect the remediation but warrants against the recurrence of mold with the application of Bac-Shield.

Mold Solutions, Inc., in developing the potential uses for Bac-Shield as an effective mold preventative, has certified the application techniques and formulations with different additives for varying surfaces, both interiors and exteriors. That’s right, exteriors exposed to rain and all the elements. Our field tests, conducted on contaminated surfaces, document that after cleaning, Bac-Shield is effective in preventing the regrowth of mold/mildew.

Please note that Bac-Shield is the only antimicrobial registered by the EPA that is not a synthetic chemistry. Low in toxicity, effective, ECO friendly and safe separates Bac-Shield from the pack.

When considering mold remediation with companies that utilize chemical products during the remediation – look at the MSDS and the label. Sometimes the MSDS is not as informative as the label. Ask yourself “Do I want this chemistry inside my house?” Products with labels that contain “warning” or “danger” need to be further considered for interior usage.

Mold Solutions, Inc. has worked with Chem-Tex Laboratories to perfect concentration levels of BAC-SHIELD for varying surfaces both interior and exterior. MSI-trained technicians are ready to treat your home or building under several different but effective programs.

Mold Solutions, Inc. has developed protocols for mold removal in existing structures and protocols for mold prevention in new structures.