Our process is effective in protecting treated surfaces against all types or organisms. The active ingredient is safe for the environment and once applied leaves an invisible barrier with tiny microscopic spears to penetrate the cell wall of organisms leaving a de-contaminated surface protected – Long Term.

mold solutions inc columbia, sc surface sanitization

Athletic Apparel & Equipment

Athletic apparel and equipment are excellent host environments for odor-causing microbes. Disinfectants and sanitizers kill microbes but offer no lasting protection against re-contamination. Our process, which is water-resistant when dry, imparts persistent antibacterial properties to treated areas. Our process “fills the gap” between cleanings by protecting items during use. Learn More

Mold Solutions Inc home sanitizing

Home/Commercial Textiles & Furnishings

Our process acts as an invisible antimicrobial shield, inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on treated articles and surfaces. Our product can be applied in homes and apartments, including in the attic, basement, porch, closets, laundry room and workshop.
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